know why This IIT alumnus 100 crore worth job? later fired

know why This IIT alumnus 100 crore worth job? later fired

Meet Parag Agarwal IIT alumnus 100 crore worth job

when the Bombay IIT alumnus 100 crore package Parag Agrawal joined the company his salary was around Rupees 8 cr and  got a share worth of rupees 92 crore

Parag Agarwal’s trajectory from an Bombay IIT Alumnus to the helm of Twitter’s CEO was a testament to his exceptional journey. His rapid rise to one of the most coveted positions in the tech world exemplified the global recognition of Indian talent emanating from prestigious institutions like the Indian Institutes of Technology. He is from 0.001 percent of among the IIT alumnus 100 crore package was cracked

IIT alumnus 100 crore parag agrawal

With a compensation package exceeding Rs 100 crore, Parag Agarwal’s appointment as Twitter’s CEO was not only a personal triumph but also a proud moment for the Indian tech community. It underscored the significant impact and caliber of Indian professionals in shaping the global tech landscape.

But Before he joins the Twitter, he worked with Microsoft research and yahoo, After dedicatedly working in twitter for 6 years, he was appointed as CEO position in Twitter

However, the excitement surrounding his appointment was abruptly interrupted by the unexpected acquisition of Twitter by Elon Musk, the visionary CEO of Tesla and SpaceX. Musk’s reputation for disruption and unconventional strategies immediately cast doubt on the future trajectory of Twitter under his leadership.

In the wake of the acquisition, Elon Musk wasted no time in asserting his authority over the company. Parag Agarwal found himself swiftly removed from his position as CEO of Twitter. This abrupt change in leadership marked the end of an era for both Parag Agarwal and Twitter, as the company embarked on a new phase under Musk’s guidance.

This episode served as a poignant reminder of the inherent volatility within the tech industry, where fortunes can swiftly shift and promising careers can be upended by unforeseen developments. Despite this setback, Parag Agarwal’s journey remains an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and technologists, highlighting the resilience and determination essential for success in the dynamic realm of technology.

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