9 Essential lathe Safety guidelines you must follow

9 Essential lathe Safety guidelines you must follow

Here are the 9 most important lathe safety guidelines you need to follow while operating it 

Lathe safety guidelines

  1. Before operating the machine one should fully understand the operation control and should know how to stop it 
  2. Do not try to stop the chuck with your hand after turning it off 
  3. Do not try to take measurements of the workpiece while the workpiece is in motion
  4.  safety goggles, an apron, and safety shoes must be weared
  5. Fit the workpiece in the jaws of the lathe properly so that it can rotate properly 
  6. If you gonna perform some heavy work used dead-center 
  7. Do not wear loose garments such as chains while working on the lathe
  8. check the centricity of the job, which means checking if there are any deviations you see in the workpiece when it is rotated
  9. If you gonna operate for the 1st time make sure you are operating the lathe with a senior or one who had experience working on the lathe  
lathe safety
lathe safety guidelines while working

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